We're working on it.

We are downright busy as of this moment because of the earlier deadlines and the post-Christmas feast we had are still stuck in our bellies. See you soon 2012!

What I want for Christmas

The only thing I want this Christmas is this:

Alien Bee B400 220v

Alien Bee B800 220v
with a
Vagabond Mini 230v

Cheers to Cinth!

A big congratulations to Jelly for the successful thesis defense! But before you guys go and check out the photos I would like to take the opportunity to thank her for inviting me to the shoot for her thesis because I was able to work with really really wonderful, awesome and gorgeous people, I had such a great time with them because there was no dull moment during the shoot (thank you Karla for your witty punch lines and I really think that you should write a book). 

I would definitely love to work with them again in the near future. Cheers to Cinth and to future photo shoots with you guys :)

Models: Karla, Zaira & Rhij
Styling & Clothing: Jelly Henson Limos
Art Direction: Jelly Henson Limos
Photography: Patrick Jude Ilagan
Special thanks to: Gerome Neil Soriano & Jonathan Lazaro

On a completely unrelated note I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet and it really bothers me because all my nephews and nieces are kind of expecting gifts from me since I got a job so I am asking you guys if you have a wonderful gift idea for kids please do drop your suggestions in the comment box because it will definitely help me a lot.

Cheers and a happy holidays to you.

Gadgets December/January Behind the Scenes

Another issue is out and so as the year 2011 in a few weeks but before we plunge ourselves to all the merrymaking and gain extra pounds I'd like to share to you guys some snaps I took during our December/January issue shoot which happened at Blue Gardens (google it up!) with the beautiful and stunning Iza Calzado. So from this point on I'll stop talking and let the photos do their work.

Iza's hair and makeup done by Ricci Chan

Our awesome art director showing Iza the pegs and the feel of the shoot

Awesome huh? Do check out the latest issue of Gadgets Magazine because we have prepared you a real treat to welcome the year with a bang from the tech & lifestyle world.

Photography by Erwin Barleta
HMUA by Ricci Chan
Art Direction by  Benjamin Arnold & Michelle Callanta-Toledo
Styling by MR Gavin

Disclaimer: Behind the scenes images above are taken by 
Patrick Jude M. Ilagan 
Copyright 2011©

Sunday Vignettes

Last Sunday I went out for a shoot with my friends (Jacky, Linelle, MC and Miguel) in Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. We haven't seen each other for a long time and it was so great seeing them catching up as well as remembering the days when we are still back in high school. Now that I am thinking about the good old high school carefree days I'm sort of thinking doing a shoot in my high school building. 

I definitely want to do this again and maybe I will try and do something like a series of portraits of my classmates.

P.S. I tried out the stuff that Zack Arias was talking about in his Onelight Workshop DVD. 


Keeper shot!

One of my favorite photos in the set.

Creative Rut


I just noticed last night that I have been on a creative rut, I hate it so much because it seeps out my ideas and the will to work and produce something fresh and new. I was hesitant and in denial at first that I am on a rut because I love doing photography but after reading an article in iMag there was a line saying "One sign that you're in a creative rut don't enjoy or feel excited about the creative process anymore."—Dang guilty as charge. I don't know what caused this goddam thing (I am guessing a postponed shoot.) I am experiencing right now. All I want right now is to get my shooting mojo back and see the world again in the camera viewfinder. 

I should try to watch artsy films and get my ass inspired again. 

November Behind the Scenes

It is the time of the month again where we work on our wishlist since Christmas is getting nearer by the minute as the days goes by. Right now I myself fancy a new piece of glass like a Sigma 30mm 1.4 or a Canon 14-70mm 2.8 as well as a new camera body but for now I can only fancy it since my main "gadget buy" is a new television because the old one is— well of course old and is breaking down frequently which constantly annoys everyone in the house. Now we at Gadgets Magazine have made something that will totally save you from the hassles of listing down, cross referencing and endless hours of research on what gadget you want to have but I wouldn't tell you guys here because I hate spoiling you so you guys have to check out our latest issue.

Now on a happier note, I am pleased to show you some snaps I took during our November shoot with Sir Paul Ticzon at the Attic Studio with Ms. Bianca Manalo as our cover girl. While on the topic of the photo shoo I manage to learn a few tricks from watching Sir Paul and applied it here. Sir Paul's technique is fairly simple he uses a prime lens with a variable ND filter to compensate his powerful studio lights and sticks to the lowest aperture that he wants therefore he his able to create that creamy bokeh while the light wonderfully wraps around the model.

Disclaimer: The images above are taken by 
Patrick Jude M. Ilagan 
Copyright 2011©

For Rejh

This post goes to my beautiful and awesome friend- Rejh, she will be going to California today and stay there.

We first met way back when I was in my 3rd year in college and I was to do a night shoot of the city at night for a plate so I asked my cousin Xy if I could stay in her flat for the night and as they always say the rest is history. She was one of the first person who went out for a photowalk with me and she was the first to be my model as I was learning the ropes of photography. We have been into countless adventures, we drunk a lot, ate a lot, got crazy a lot and shot photos a lot. She was one of the few people who made me feel that I was no stranger to her and those who knows her will also tell you that.

I will definitely miss her and the great times we spent. I will miss her so much because I will have one less friend who will make plans with me on where we will have our next crazy adventure but who knows maybe this one is the next great adventure only this time there are no plans.

Rejh, I pray for a safe trip and I will see you soon and I will definitely buy a webcam to prepare myself for Skype Nights with you guys. See you soon! :)
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