The Mabuhay Rotonda

Last Tuesday I ventured outside to shoot really early which I don't normally do but just to quench my curiosity on what would the Mabuhay Rotonda (aka Welcome Rotonda) will look like early in the morning. It was cold and a bit dark since the sun is just going to rise.

I had to be very vigilant while taking photos since it was very early when I was taking photos but so far so good. After shooting at Rotonda I had my breakfast at Jollibee and head to UST and take more photos of my beloved alma mater.

Okay fast foward!

Since there are only a few cars during the first shoot I have decided to take photos during rush hour which means 6-8pm and boy I was not to venture alone during that time since it is a known fact that robbers are very rampant so I ask for my friends to accompany me during the shoot.

I just tried out doing a layout using this photo.

This is Luigi he is the one who accompanied me during the shoot.
Well that was a whole lot different from the look during the morning, I just love the busy feel of the shot and the symmetry of it. 

I hope you like today's set.

Cheers! Jude

Salubong 2011

Every Easter Sunday out family wakes up really early to attend the yearly "Salubong" (Welcoming) at the university. So what is Salubong? As said from WikiPilipinas it is a: "Easter Sunday pre-dawn ritual that reenacts the Risen Christ's meeting with His mother."

White on White


I have been quite busy since my last post because I was trying to come up with ideas for my assignment in the FPPF workshop (which is shooting white on white, black on black and so on). Frankly I'm having a hard time since I want to come up with a unique idea, something that I have never done before, so what I did was a little experiment (well not really) bah! enough of this too much babbling.

P.S. That is not really milk :)

Did a little bit of post processing in here :)


gimme some Oreo.

tried some cross processing technique here and on the Oreo photo. 

Good job!

Aliwan 2011

Summer has officially started and the way I celebrate it is with a vivid bang! 

Last April 16, 2011 the Aliwan 2011 Grand Parade was held at the Quirino Grandstand, hundreds of people photographers and the like rushed to the grandstand to take photos of the vivid, charming and energetic participants from the different provinces of the Philippines competes to see who's got the best fiesta (festival). 
It was very hot that afternoon but nothing stopped the participants not even us photographers to get down and dirty (and sweaty) It was such a wonderful spectacle to see different provinces showcase their vibe, culture and their people. I myself was proud to see that my "kababayans" was also there to make a stand for our province and I was glad that they came up to 5th place this year.

Sadly I have to go home early since I have classes early the next day and I got my 2 memory cards filled with photos from the event, but I will definitely be back again there next year and be adequately prepared.

Cheers to the people behind this wonderful event and to the participants who endured the agonizing heat as they performed I bid them my congratulations both to the winners and to the non-winners.

Sunday Photowalk


Usually when I go out I plan what shots do I take and why but as for today I did not plan anything all I did was bring some gear and get myself enrolled in FPPF's Basic Photography Workshop (yes I'm going to study basics again). So yeah nothing was planned all I did was go around Intramuros and take photos of whatever interest me and I was surprised that there are so much more in Intramuros that are photo-worthy so I'm planning to come back again during my free time and my workshop day.
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