Tae Kwon Do.

I was terribly late on my bro's belt promotion in Tae Kwon Do so I did what I'm good at to show support on him. A QUICK PHOTOSHOOOOT :)

Metrogate Outing

Last May 23 we got out of town and went to Metrogate in Silang the sun was nice and gentle so as the wind we had my Aunt's advance birthday celebration and a semi-reunion since our relatives from the north went there to fetch my cousin Rain. The pool was humongous but I hate to say it that the chlorine levels of the pool are terrible my eyes really hurt after swimming but still life must go on and taking photos of my cousins are my job because I was instructed by my Uncle to take them lots of wonderful photos. So here are the photos of my cousins playing around and loving the camera.

Food, Friends and Nephews


Summer vacation is fast approaching to it's end and as I work on this post I kinda love how the rain knocks to the windows of our house telling me that I should have bought a cheap umbrella yesterday for today's night out at my cousin.

Last May 21 (Friday) I was asked by a cousin of mine to do a shoot for their menu, take lots of photos of her wonderful kids so I tag Reg and Anton along and enjoyed the whole day because right after that day our friend Remi ran 42km for The Bull Runner marathon event. I thought we were late because Remi asked us to be there at the event at 3am sadly we woke up at 6am and had to rush to where the marathon took place but to our relief that 42km run takes at least 4-5 hours to finish it so basically we are a wee little bit late :) after a few minutes of shooting and seeing local celebrities our friend Remi got to the finish line, awarded with some medals and joined us, It was my first time to shoot in a marathon and I was really pumped because this kind of event is running high on emotion it's just a shame that I never had a long lens but oh well there are still other marathon events to look forward to :)

It was a great shooting experience to shoot for two straight days with different assignments.

My wonderful cousins!


I had a great jump start week thanks to my wonderful cousins who posed like real models :) I can see that this kids have a bright future in modelling. 


Awesome show at The Fort shame I didn't took enough photos and most that I took where paparazzi-like shots but still I manage to video a awesome drifting exhibit by the country's top drifters :)

Here's the video using Canon 500d and a 18-55mm lens, shame the video quality got awful after I uploaded it in Facebook. Oh well enjoy the video and get krazzzy! :D

KFC Bucket Diffuser


I was definitely bored last night and adding to that I will be doing a food photo shoot for a cousin of mine who owns a restaurant so I did some research on what gears to bring and what to do for food photography and while I am at the subject I saw some interesting DIY gears like making a DIY ring flash out of a KFC Bucket. I was fascinated by the idea of trying to make my own DIY but instead of making a very elaborate piece I just wonder what will happen if I cut a hole at the buttom of KFC Bucket and fit it in the head of my flash unit and viola! I don't know what to call it but for now I'll call it a KFC Bucket Diffuser haha.

What do you think? Share some insights :)


Thursday (May 13, 2010) I got to roam around in a few areas of Manila. First I went to P. Noval to have my client's photos burned in the CD then I head out to Binondo in specifically in Jollibee along Quintin Paredes where I met my client and have myself a nice Jollibee Ice Craze to cool me down from the tremendous summer heat. After that I walk to 168 to catch a jeepney going to Morayta and got down in Isetann and took a breath for awhile then I rode a jeep going to Vito Cruz because I'm going to meet a friend and I'm going to take her photos in CCP and in my secret sunset place (well it's already known but most of my peers and colleagues don't know it yet haha) At first my friend was shy but after a few takes and some poses that I taught her she got out of being shy and is a full fledge model :)

It was a great trip around the south are of Manila, I'll definitely do this again and next time I'll tag more friends :)

My sooo adorable niece!

Looking straight in the eyes of a child and taking their portrait is probably one of the best thing in being a photographer. It is a real task to make children smile and project in the camera and at the same time fulfilling once you know that you pressed the shutter at the right moment and capture that sweet and innocent smile that children posses.

Enasia celebrates their 10th year!

Enasia Import and Export celebrated their 10th year anniversary with a great adventure. They head out to Subic Xtreme Adventure for a 3 day team building event. It was a great team building event everybody participated in the different extreme activities like the Trolley, High-Y, Zipline, Trust Fall, Low V and Wall Climbing on Day 1 and then on Day 2 they hiked for two and a half hours but still arrive at the campsite with such energy later after having their fill for lunch they head out to check the Button Falls which is a 30 minute hike and after that they checked out the Century Old Tree later at night they test their skills in handling the jungle bolo and crafting items using the bamboo such as plates, spoon, cups and even a bamboo rice cooker! I also got to sample a Inadobong Bayawak (shame I forgot to take a photo of if) and then on Day 3 they head out to the beach to enjoy their last day in the warmth of the sun and the sea. 

It was a great experience as a photographer to socialize with different kinds of people in a very different environment. If they were to ask me again to document their next team building I would not hesitate to give them a yes.

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