Fully Opened.

I won the 2nd place at Human Activity Category. :D

My entry :)
My trophy
I won the 2nd place in the FPPF Basic Photography Workshop. Yes, I attended a basic class even though I already have learned how to use my camera, compose and all the other general aspects of photography back at school in which I even did a photography thesis and got great results but one thing that I learned in the workshop is that no matter how I think I am good or how well I know things in photography, I will always be a beginner every time I will press the shutter. Yes a beginner,I am not downgrading myself here but I just realize that I still have a lot to learn before I can even call myself an amateur. I still have to develop my eye for photography, I am happy that I enrolled and took my time and effort to participate in this workshop because now I know that I will have to face a lot of obstacles and with the teachings from FPPF I am well armed, I still have a lot of photos to take before I can call myself an amateur. I still need to practice, practice, practice and more practice while using the things that was shared in the workshop.

I want to congratulate all my classmates in the workshop (I do hope they could read this in some way or another) most specially to our group namely "The Clickers" even though we only had a little time that we shared I can see that my groupmates will become awesome photographers. I want to thank our workshop instructors for being patient and for imparting their knowledge in their respective fields and in return I will not only promise but assure them that they will be proud to have me as their student.

Me with my Certificate with Sir Dennis Araneta and Sir Lito Beltran props to Sir Deney for taking this photo


Why so serious?


A viral ad for The Camera Store.

"How serious am I about photography?"

This is the one question that I have been asking myself for this past couple of days, honestly right now I am tad right serious in this craft. I feel like I could shoot images almost every single day granted that I do not have other things to do not even browsing the internet. I have been to different places in the past couple of years shooting different subjects  and honestly I felt that I have improve from the shaky shy trigger happy kid who just want to capture whatever looks interesting to the adventurous reckless guy that thinks before pressing the shutter who's focus is to capture great unfolding moments of life.

As of the moment I am practicing street photography because it teaches me how to tell a story and not just some story but with depth and sense also it teaches me to be with the people from different walks of life in their very own environment. I am planning to do an exhibit on my 21st birthday this coming June and I want to showcase my photos of Quiapo every Friday to tell other people how fascinating the chaotic and crowded Quiapo can be beautiful place behind the viewfinder.

I think I have answered my question a bit.

Hello again Quiapo

 I am in love with Quiapo. The crazy, noisy and busy crowds, the carefree children, the vivid colors of items waiting to be purchased and of course the deep sense of faith are some of the things that I love in Quiapo. Every corner of this place is teeming with human interaction and beautiful moments worth capturing that is why I will be doing a shoot every Friday to showcase the people, the place and the beauty amidst the chaos and clutter of Quiapo.

Fortune Teller Trio

9 Months of Beer

Lola Sampaguita


Amidst the crazy world of adults is a playground


Oh Obando!


Fertility Dance in Obando

At the side of the Obando Church

Mother and Child

The Repairman
Sunset at Tawiran



Sunrise at Tawiran

Obando, Bulacan is best known for the "Fertility Dance Festival" wherein couples who wants to be blessed with a child dances as they sang praises to Sta. Clara hoping that their prayers will be heard and be granted. Magu, Miko, Gerome and me went to Obando to witness the festival at first hand and to capture photos of the people and the life in Obando. A big thank you to the Avena and Mendoza Family and to our friend Ervin Avena for being a great host and tour guide.

Street Photography Practice

PNR Station in España Manila

Lottery Hope(fool)s


Quick Fortune

Market Scene

Quiapo Church

Hidalgo. Quiapo

Ukay Ukay is the tagalog of flea market.

A lot of bags
I'm having a great time shooting street photos because apart from telling a story I also get to interact with people from different walks of life. I will be heading back again in Quiapo this week to capture images for our final assignment in FPPF.

Philippine Fashion Week 2011

Last Tuesday I went to SMX to watch the annual Philippine Fashion Week which was amazing (I have 400+ raw photos!) but I still like last year's PFW but enough of me blabbering crap and let's just get into business.

Yes, that is the Arch of the Centuries

This gown was worn by a classmate of my during the publicity shoot :)

One of my favorite photos from the set.

 As you can see most of the photos are uhmm out of focused or there is way too much noise so forgive me on that okay :)
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