AB Dance Synergy Group

Last Sunday (June 27) we did a photo shoot for the AB Dance Synergy Group and it was my first time to do a photo shoot with a dance group. We did the shoot at P.Noval st. where there are lots of graffiti and (shame on them) pervs and onlookers.

[this is where we did the shoot, and oh boy the sun is not cooperating with us]

Here are some of my shots of the members portrait:

because they are a young, edgy and hip dance group 
I asked them to do a "you've got served!", "in your face madafaker
pose and "I beat yah foo!" something like that. 

Man I feel great doing a shoot with our client as well as shooting with my org-mates and learning their styles and some of their techniques on using strobes.

[for these 3 photos I placed my strobe 35 degrees or something like that and 
put it on full power (have 2 sets of batteries for your strobe because using it in full power eats away the batt as fast as abrakadabra) while I underexposed my camera setting]

I will post the actions shots later on because I'm plain too lazy to edit them and upload it plus thesis should come first haha!

It's been awhile.

Man, I haven't posted something new for quite sometime anyway I'm basically juggling my thesis, school works, sidelines and my social life. I have to admit that doing all this at the same it is tiring me to death but who I am to complain.

Anyways I was told by my thesis adviser to check out his former student's thesis which is about the Calamianes Islands. One island known is the Coron Island famed for it's diving spots and scenic views. As I watch the video in youtube I got to get a glimpse of how wonderful and exciting doing a travelogue for a thesis is and how expensive it is too.

Okay, I'll stop talking now just watch the video and be amazed, thankful and excited that we have this kind of paradise.

Ah this video made me put the Calamianes Islands into my list of must visit summer spots.

Jehad Nga and Desiree Dolron

I was surfing the net to gather ideas for a shoot that I was planning and I came across to these two awesome photographers who made me drool at awe by their shoots.

Jehad Nga
This photos are from his Turkana series which showcases the portraits of local Kenyan tribes. Simple but very dramatic, vivid and straight forward are the common factors in this series the portraits are wonderful it gives off the very essence of the person as a human being and as part of a tribe.

more in his website: http://www.jehadnga.com/

Desiree Dolron
is a Dutch photographer who combines traditional photography and computer enhancement thus she creates her powdery glowing effect which makes her photos look like paintings (wherein I really had a hard time deciding whether if this is a painting or a photo) The first photo reminds me of the painting Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David sad and terrible but all in all powerful.

check her out and she her wonderful works: http://www.desireedolron.com/

Fashion Shoot Tips and Tricks from Youtube :)


This videos taught me a lot! everything in this videos has contributed something to help me become on how I shoot now I'm still learning from it and I can say that this video tutorials are awesome. 

How to shoot at high-noon

This video somehow solves every photographers shooting nightmare scenario, shooting at high noon! Most of the people ask me why is it bad to shoot at high noon? Well it is because that the shadows on the faces are so hard that sometimes the faces look squarish aside from that the models then to squint their eyes because of the heat and let's face it who would want to shoot under the blistering heat most specially here in the Philippines.

Something about backgrounds
You thought that backgrounds are just backgrounds? Well you are quite wrong backgrounds helps to accentuate the model and like in the viedo to create contrast because it the background is just the same as the model then it will look flat and less dynamic.

Fashion shoot at the forest

One of my source for inspirations when I worked for a photo shoot for our college fashion show (Year Zero) last year. It taught me that in a photo shoot there are times that expensive equipment is never the answer for a beautiful photo. If you kids are heading in the nature and can't resist to be vain then just pm me and I shall go :))

well thats it for now for the video hopefully I helped/inspired you in some ways :D
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