My 2012 in Images

2012 has been both a good and a bad year for me in terms of photography work. Good because I believe that I have improved at least, acquired new gear, got heaps of books and learned new things. Bad because I wasn't able to shoot that much unlike 2011. 

Now that 2012 is coming to a close I would like to commemorate this one hell of a year by recollecting some of my favorite images that I have taken and the stories behind it.

So without further ado here is my 2012 in images:

Jelly for Cinth | January

Jelly asked me to take photographs for her fashion thesis at their her hometown. This was shot in a corn field around 6pm or something. We didn't have any other light source here except for the flash so I have to manually focus after checking each shot. I shot a lot of frames and when I was surprised to got this sharp photo of Jelly. 

Krista Kleiner BTS for Gadgets | January

This is the first shoot wherein I did the concept and the art direction. I like how Krista was style here, she kind of reminds me of the 60s, sunny Sundays and Coney Island. 

The Squibs | February

I had a difficult time getting this shot  because the lighting setup in Headstock back then wasn't really ideal without a flash gun also I remember that The Squibs are performing Indie Musician in this photo and that song of theirs is sort of my anthem because doing what you love and what you are passionate about doesn't require money. Although you need money to feed it sometimes.

Jennilyn Mercado | March

Jennilyn Mercado is one of the nicest and most beautiful cover girls we had for Gadgets, apart from the obvious she also cooks and we got the chance to sample the chocolate cupcakes she made. 

Oil Price Hike Demonstrators | April

I was able to capture this image while I was inside the cab on our way to the mall and I saw this small group of people queued in the street with their signs and all that. I liked this because it is a semi-self portrait and a street photograph.

Sunset in Irisan | April

I have been trying to get the perfect sunset in Baguio but this one is far by the best among the set during our week long stay with our relative who lives in Baranggay Irisan. I got this on our last day in Baguio and for me it was as if Baguio is waving goodbye to us.

Aliwan Fiesta 2012 | April

Aliwan is a great photography avenue and I have seen a great increase of people attending the Aliwan Fiesta every since the explosion of digital photography. This photograph was taken during the last minute practice of this group, despite the heat and fatigue the kid still obliged and gave her best smile to be photographed.

Labor Day Demonstration | May

This is my first time to shoot a demonstration. I learn that having an immense amount of patience is the key to good images. Truth to be told is that I almost didn't got this image because I wasn't able to catch the first batch of demonstrators and almost set to head back home, but after learning that new a group is on its way and will arrive by 4 in the afternoon (I was there 11 am) I just waited and roamed around Mendiola talking to people and fellow photographers.

Kristine Z. | May

Jelly and I did a collaboration with this one. Jelly did some really wonderful clothes and we had the beautiful Kristine to wear it. We had so much fun doing the shoot that I broke my promise of finishing the shoot while the sun is still up. Special thanks to Oko, Magu and Gerome again. 

Mang Roger | June

This is Mang Roger and he does a lot of street selling for a living. I took this shot during the celebration of Independence Day and I promised him that I will return back to the same spot and give him a copy of this photograph.

Happy Accident | June

I was really surprise to see this. I just swirled my camera after the shutter closed but I never expected the light effect to end at the guitar.

Self Portrait | July

I never really take self portraits. I made this one while playing with my newly purchased Godox flash. There was no concept just some of my photography gear lying around the place.

Farewell Fair Weather | October

This was my first ever photograph after a two month break and honestly those two months felt like years of not shooting photographs. I really like this photograph because of the silhouettes, the mood of the lighting and of course how the vocalist's face was lit.

Ayala Triangle Light Show | December

I love image this because I like capturing moments or more like stealing moments from people. Sure, this photograph is not the best and there is a lot going on but what I love here is that people everywhere are smiling, taking photographs and spending their time with the people they love.

Eric Tumbokon of Fuseboxx | December

I am a fan of poetic photographs which in truth is hard to take. To me this photograph is a poetic one from the mirror, the dimly lit room, the faces of the people, the arched back of the musician and how the light hits him mixes very well. I also believe that this photograph captured the vibe of Fuseboxx's dark and melodic music.

Smoker | December

If there is one lesson that is prevalent with 2012, its that as a photographer I should have immense patience waiting for the right moment and once that moment comes I'd better have my finger pressing the shutter. Moments are like smoke when its out in the air it will only stay for a bit and be blown out into nothingness.

2012 has been a good year for me at the least. I gained a lot of new experiences, met new people and got into new places. As for 2013 I just wanna see how it will roll out for me but I'm generally excited for what is in store for me. 

Happy New Year to you guys!


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