5 Websites where you should upload your photos other than Facebook, Flickr, Your Blog and DeviantArt

There is a huge number of websites where you can showcase your photos and most people who does photography do it in Facebook, Flickr and DeviantArt. Yes, there is no denying that they have a greater and further reach to the audience since they have a huge number users (facebook probably has a billion and counting as we speak) but if you ask me I'd go for a website that looks good and doesn't take away the viewer's attention from my photos (Facebook has spam written all over it and the constant changes makes it all worst), something that has a bigger upload limit than Flickr (200 images only and hides your older photos once you exceed the limit unless you go for a premium account) and simply the number of choices to customize your portfolio since you are somehow selling yourself to the world (daportfolio has so few and DeviantArt is a huge clutter). 

With that said I have listed here a few websites that you should definitely check for your portfolio.

1. 500px - Easily one of the best photography communities out there. I personally have an account here and I dig the straight-forward look of my portfolio. You should definitely check out the Editors' Choice as well as the Upcoming sections for a good dose of inspiration. They also have a rating system that is simple yet a nice touch plus the metadata of the image is also displayed but I highly disregard that since I'm concerned more with the photo.

 I seriously don't find any cons with 500px since as a free user I can upload 20 photos weekly and have a limited number of photos to show in my portfolio, but if you can pay $49.95 a month then you can have unlimited uploads, premium portfolios, personalized domain, tech support and of course Google Analytics. 


2. Tumblr - I think almost if not all has an account here. One can design their own page or use a pre-made theme and if you have the cash to burn you can buy those premium themes that looks really awesome. What is also neat in Tumblr is that with just one account you can manage two or more blogs. I like the reblog system, its cool and efficient because not only you can see on how many people reblogs your post but also it can trace back to its original poster (that means you) meaning more exposure.

Tumblr also has this endless scrolling feature where you can just scroll down forever as long as there is content to see. On top of that you don't need to pay for anything for unlimited uploads but if you have the money you can have a personalized domain name which is definitely awesome as well as premium themes as I have said earlier.


Actual web page
3. Red Bubble - is one of the biggest art communities online and possibly a better alternative to DeviantArt (if you are tired of all those anime furries and sucky fan-art you see) because it has almost the same system where you can post your work, see how many people likes it and eventually sell it.

Not only that Red Bubble is a great art community (do check their blogs post) where you can share your works as well sell them. You could do collaborative work with other members which is a great way to improve and learn as a budding photographer.


4. Fotolouge - I haven't been using my Fotolouge for quite sometime now since there's 500px and Tumblr and let's not forget that the website is in Japanese and there's no way to translate it unless you understand Nihonggo. What I like about Fotolouge is the look of you portfolio, nothing fancy just your latest works moving from right to left like sushi in a conveyor belt. On top of that there is a 20mb monthly upload limit which is not a big deal if you are uploading 300kb-600kb images in 72dpi. 

Clean and stunning web layout but it doesn't take you away from your photos. It is also a nice website to share your photos since they have a community there and isn't it cooler to see what does the Japanese say about your work.


5. Carbonmade - This is where I started (apart from Flickr and DeviantArt) since I don't have a huge number of images to showcase as well as I don't really care about ratings as well as comments. What's nice in Carbonmade is the limit of 35 images which gives you a challenge of displaying only the best of the best from your pool of work but if you can manage to get the premium upgrade (which by the way is $12 a month) then say hello to 500 images.

A good starting point for everyone since you need to train yourself to strain which work is hot and which is not.




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