Photography Inspiration: Nicoline Patricia Malina

I have been shooting photographs close to 4 years now and have looked into a different variety of images and photographers for inspiration. As part of my search to find my vision I would like to share to you guys some of the images that inspire me to shoot or images that I find inspiration for my next photography project. Every day I will post 1 photographer and 5 of his work that I find compelling and visually stimulating.

So first off I'll share you one of my all time favorite fashion photographer: 

She is very pretty too.
Nicoline Patricia Malina is from Indonesia and her works are like very cinematic, rich, vibrant and full of energy. Her works are often showcased in ELLE, Harper's Bazaar as well as Maxim. I find her work to be one of a kind since most of the fashion editorial photos that I have seen are very couture, abstract mostly visually appealing I usually move on to the next but with her it always has a story and every time I looked at it there is always this soundtrack that plays inside my mind while looking at it and for some reason the image lingers in my head.

Lust for Love in Harper's Bazaar
A Journey of Inseparable Love in Harper's Bazaar 
Immigrant Jakarta ad campaign
The Highland Adventures in Cosmo Girl
Twisted Nerve this one is her personal work
For more of her works visit:


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