Insights: So What Kind Of Camera Should You Get?

There are just times when I am swamped with questions from my friends and family regarding which camera should they buy because for reasons (a) their old camera broke down, (b) they wanted to take up photography as a hobby and (c) they just have the money (I wish I had cash to burn too). I tell them that they should get the camera that suits their needs and of course fits in their budget. Truth to be told I was never first to suggest that they should get a DSLR since it is expensive and it won't be used everyday as much as I do nor they will appreciate the bulk in the long run but there are those who are willing and has the money to burn. 

Unless you are this guy you will never have any problem spending or splurging.
I am no camera expert but as a photographer I'd like to help you if you are in this sort of dilemma. Take note that before we take off let me just remind you that whatever the hell is packed in that camera it is still on you how will you make the photo. You can never blame the camera for taking shitty photos, what you should do is take your time to read the manual cover to cover so that you know how to fully (I am emphasizing on this) operate you camera in different shooting situations. You should also take your time to read stuff like composition or check out some tips and tricks on how to capture better photos even if its just your kids or your dog because no one likes looking at nasty and boring photos.

Now off we go.

First in line are the point and shoot (P&S) cameras these suckers got better and smarter in the past few years when they first came out from the assembly line. As I write this article I watched a video demo of Canon's new Powershot G1X and sweet mother of pearl it is one hell of a compact camera to die for (because it has the biggest camera sensor in a P&S) but sadly these babies are targeted for the professional photographers, advance hobbyists and to people loaded with money. 

P&S cameras are great for your day to day use without having to bother camera settings and such, if you are the type who just want to capture photos and post it online then P&S is perfect for you and as its name suggest all you have to do is just point and shoot.  

Here are some of the many P&S cameras that you should take a look at:
Canon Powershot Elph 300HS 

Canon Powershot S100
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX78 
Sony Cybershot W570
Micro Four Thirds (M4/3) Cameras that are causing quite a stir lately in the world of photography. Basically they are just as small as P&S cameras but packs quite a punch (I think this one is an understatement but never mind) these babies are built better and has better image quality than P&S though not as good as the DSLR as of the moment.  M4/3 cameras usually features interchangeable lens, a hotshoe for a flash and more control unlike the P&S. Although these ones are quite expensive it will definitely give you a real treat since it doesn't come along with the bulk that DSLRs do.

M4/3s are perfect for everyone but it comes with a hefty price tag specially to the lens. Its great because it is light, compact and can deliver great quality of photos. If you are the type who packs light and always on the go I highly suggest you to get a M4/3.

 Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 
 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3  
Sony NEX-5N
Olympus ep3
Last but now we are talking! I love DSLRs no matter what brand it is, I just love how one can be so in control with how the photos will come out. Adding a battery grip for longer battery life, a big ass lens and a backpack you'll have that commanding persona when shooting, though you might shed a few more extra bucks but then again you'd better spend that money on books and workshops to improve you shooting skills. I personally own a Canon 500D and a couple of lenses and I must say that despite the times I need to carry a big ass bag loaded with my photography gear I don't mind it as long as I get the shot I want.  

DSLRs tops the other two types of camera mentioned here in terms of images quality, control, durability and of course pricing but this piece of equipment is for those people who is really serious in taking up photography not just a hobby but also as a craft.

*The ones listed here are entry level cameras meaning these are not the top of the line cameras because those types of cameras can literally buy you a new car.

Canon 600D 
Nikon D5100
Sony a300

Remember at the end of the day, no matter what camera you use to capture your photos it is just another gadget and will be obsolete in a few years but your photos won't. So do not beat yourself up if you don't have that camera with hi-tech features instead go out and shoot till the shutter gives in.


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