Musicians I Want To Photograph Before I Die.

As a photographer and a big fan of good music I am forced to accept the fact that only professional concert photographers are allowed to shoot in a big concert, and If I even managed to get pass that level I have to bear in mind that I am only given 3 songs to shoot. Apart from shooting at concerts I'd also want to take portraits (and if possible be a personal photographer) of some musicians but alas I still need all that lessons and experiences that makes a photographer worthy for the job. Nonetheless I have compiled a short list of musicians (in no order) I wanted to photograph before I die. Hopefully they are still alive and still out there kicking ass when the time comes that I consider myself as a worthy photographer.

1. Dave Grohl - If you don't know this guy then GTFO here. Let's face it. He is the Jesus of Rock and through the years he has proven himself to the world and he only keeps on getting better.

2. BB King - I have read his autobiography and I am amazed with how much he gambled just to be in the place where he is standing now. If there is one thing BB King and I share it is how we treat our instruments, he calls his guitar Lucille and I call  my camera Canndice and we both cherish our instruments as if it is a sister or a dear old friend.

3. Bambu - Do not mistake this guy for the other Bamboo (MaƱalac), but they are both great musicians in their respective genres. Bambu or Bam is a full blooded Filipino hip hop artist based in the U.S. Most of his songs are based on his real life experiences which unlike mainstream hip hop artists who just talk about getting booty and cash. He did a show here last April 14 with Mastaplann and I am regretting not being able to attend his show. 

4. Eddie Vedder - This guy made my high school life awesome, I still remember listening to Pearl Jam in a 512mb mp3 player while walking on my way home usually pondering about what would happen in the future. I still do listen to Pearl Jam every now and then just to relieve that carefree life I used to have

5. Blue Scholars - I first learned about this awesome duo when I accidentally clicked their Joe Metro video on Youtube and upon the opening lines and there I instantly knew that they will be one of my favorites. Blue Scholars is a Seattle based hip hop duo of DJ Sabzi and MC Geologic also know as Prometheus Brown. I cannot help but be amazed with this duo, maybe it is because their music grows into you.

6. Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes - I first heard the music of Conor Oberst in Bright Eyes' album Digital Ash In A Digital Urn which some how turned my life upside down because I am really into Metal music during the time I discovered Bright Eyes. Conor Oberst managed to infuse his dark sense of humor to the playful melody of his songs. I just can't help to be amazed to his lyrical genius.

7. Kat Agarrado of Sinosikat? - I recently met Kat Aggarado when we were at B-Side, apparently she is friends with my awesome boss who later introduced me to her. She can definitely turn any bad day into a awesome one and if you are lucky enough to watch their performance you wouldn't be disappointed because of her feisty nature on stage that often leaves people wanting for more. 

8. Avenged Sevenfold - In the past I often listen to metal and heavy metal music because back then I believe that metal songs speak for what I really feel. Avenged Sevenfold or A7X is one of those bands, from their hard hitting songs like "Bat Country" to the anthem song "Seize the Day", A7X was like my companion to the get through the sick world filled with crap. I still do listen to A7X to give me that rush and rage to fuel my energy for work. Recently A7X was here in the Philippines and again I missed a opportunity of a lifetime by missing it. Fuck.

9. Sonny Rollins - Although I am not much into the jazz scene I have a high regard for all the jazz musicians out there but the one that I am really digging the most is Sonny Rollins. For me he is one hell a master musician, he knows how to capture your soul through your ears with his killer sax skills. Every time I listen to his songs I feel inclined to wear a suit, pour in some scotch and puff a cigarette that is how classy Sonny Rollins can make me feel.

10. Brandon Boyd of Incubus - If there is a person who embodies everything that I wanted to be it would be Brandon Boyd. He is a visual artist, musician, famous, nice guy, rich and above all good looking. Aside from being famous and all that, His music is a staple part of me and as a kid of the 90s I grew up listening to Incubus. I even made some of their songs my life anthems like when getting over a failed relationship I just play "Nice To Know You" on loop for hours. 

Those are some of the musicians I want to photograph before I die. To be honest the list would be endless but maybe this is enough for now. 

Care to share who are your must photograph musicians before you die?


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